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Our Player Advisor Program is designed to inform and educate our athletes on the options and opportunities available to them at each and every level of lacrosse. Top Draft will guide the player and their family over the course of the term with world-class professionalism and advanced business practices. Our Player Advisor Program is the major driving force of our business.  We deliver and execute a program that is unparalleled to any other lacrosse advisor and we ensure the needs of each and every athlete we advise is taken care of.


The Program encompasses a wide variety of services including; detailed scouting reports, player and family meetings, promotion to college/university, constant communication with school coaches, preparation for SAT and ACT tests, training and testing, and skill development. We offer these services within four packages; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The four packages are tailored to allow for individual schedules, services and to accommodate budgets.


A focal point of our Player Advisor Program is educating our athletes and their families during convoluted times of NCAA eligibility rules and recruitment guidelines. There are numerous ways in which a player can become ineligible - we know the rules and we know what players should and should not do. Athletes pursuing the NCAA route will be advised on the recruitment process while eligibility guidelines and promotion to schools stands as the pinnacle services. A player portfolio will be prepared by TDL and distributed to schools and uploaded to the player's web page (package permitting). SAT preparation and current GPA will be a major focus throughout the program and our advisors will ensure the athlete has completed the proper course requirements for college lacrosse. In order to be recognized by NCAA institutions, the player must be playing in a visible lacrosse market - TDL will ensure the player is playing prep school, high school or junior lacrosse with a top program. 


Another key element to the Player Advisor Program is creating a depth chart analysis of every program and their recruiting process, while ensuring the player meets the team's/school's academic requirements and lacrosse needs. We do this as a direct result of our communication lines with team personnel and a comprehensive understanding of the recruitment process. We create relationships with team personnel through hard work, respecting the recruiting process, innovative ideas and smart business practices. Those are the principles that set TDL apart and provide platforms for our players to advance.


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